Sunday, October 07, 2007

ONGMAP Google Maps mashup wins $10,000 award! has won a $10,000 mashup award! Yuki Naotori from the previously featured super-mashup dropped me a line late last week to inform me that his mashup has been given first place by Sun Microsystems Japan and awarded $10,000 US dollars! When I asked him what he plans to do with the winnings, his reply was "Well, ONGMAP owes a lot to Ext.JS and its user community and many web APIs, so I plan to donate a portion to them". The rest, he goes on to add, will go toward server upgrades and a new MacBook Pro since his ThinkPad's palm rest is burning his hand. :) Congratulations Yuki, it's great that such a reputable company has recognized the fantastic job you've done on this mashup! For more information about this award, check out this post in the Google Maps API Group. This link will take you to the SUN page that features ONGMAP's win but will display all in Japanese.

Yuki has also added some new features to ONGMAP including a "Twittervision-like" autoplay feature showing site-visitors and earthquake data from the USGS. This autoplay feature works to center the map on live visitors or earthquakes that are taking place right now. To view the live visitor map functionality, click the globe icon (6th from left) and
for earthquake data, view it from "04Timeline Data" in the side menu. Yuki has also added a help page to English-speaking visitors which can be found here.

A hearty Google Maps Mania congratulations to you Yuki. It's great to see a reputable company recognizing the fantastic job you've done with this mashup thanks for continuing to improve it for your visitors and the Google Maps mashup community! :)

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