Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Zealand Google Maps Mashup Roundup Oct/07

New Zealand Movies and Photos on Google Maps:

Browse through available photos and videos or add your own! This map centers on Queenstown but zoom way out to see many other photos from around New Zealand.

First National Invercargill uses Google Maps - Real estate company First National is using Google Maps to display properties with a great user-interface!

Dominion Post in Wellington using Google Maps - The Dominion Post newspaper is mashing up the locations of transport issues and accidents in that city with Google Maps to keep local residents informed. Traffic and accident alerts are pulled from the Police, Roadworks info from Wellington City Council and Train delay advisories come courtesy of Tranz Metro. [Thanks to Paul Hellyer for the tip!]

More ways to explore New Zealand using Google Maps:
Click the "New Zealand" label below for lots of more Google Maps mashups from New Zealand!
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