Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BBC's Interactive Google My Map of Flood Areas

BBC Berkshire in the UK has made extensive use of Google My Maps to communicate with area residents about the current flood situation in that region. Berkshire Floods 2007 is a page that tells you how to use this Google My Map to view, watch and listen to BBC reports from correspondents in the area. The My Map embeds YouTube videos, links off to BBC Radio audio clips and describes the status in specific areas. This "NewsMap" example highlights how quickly a news organization could mobilize a Google Map of an affected area to integrate aspects of their content to provide both a public service and create a way to distribute their stories. My Maps can be found on Google Maps on the tab labeled My Maps. (More info here..)

Related: Sky News "England Under Water" Google Maps mashup - Makes use of the Google Maps API to create a full scale mashup that gets integrated directly into the Sky News website.

[Via Mapperz]

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