Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Big News: Google Maps street maps for ALL of Brasil!


The Google Maps API Blog reports that street maps are now available for Brasil!

From the post (:
Welcome to an exciting new world of online maps for Brasil, where we have recently added road data for the entire country. That's right! Now you can see all major highways, roads in hybrid mode as well as parks, water, landmarks and other attractions. Check out Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. While the Google Maps API doesn't yet support full address search or business search in Brasil, users can search for any major city in Brasil. With this exciting news, we wanted to give Google Maps API developers a head start on building cool Brasil mashups.

Brasil joins the US, Canada, Japan, UK & Ireland (and most other parts of Europe), Australia and New Zealand as countries with street mapping. If you've created a mashup for the country of Brasil that uses these new street maps be sure to post a comment on this post to let others know! Get ready for the Brasilian Google Maps mashup explosion! :)

Other news today from the Google Maps Team:

Improved Maps tiles for Japan - now supports hybrid street/satellite viewing (see this example).
Performance improvements in Revision 2.64 of API v2 - This post comes with a friendly reminder from the API folks: "..Please upgrade your site to use API v2, if you haven't already. We plan to shut down API v1 in a month."
New Satellite Imagery and Performance Improvements (Sep.18)
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