Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cool Google Maps Geo Tools

J. M. Stott has assembled an impressive array of GeoTools that make use of the Google Maps API to display all sorts of information.

(some of the wording of these descriptions have been borrowed from the site):

Place Finder - This is a good one. 5.5 million place names from around the world. Having trouble locating a specific place in a country like Australia, Thailand or Brazil that does not have Google street maps? Not to worry, this tool will locate that place for you. An extremely useful Google Maps viewing aide. Once you have found the place, you can view the latitude and longitude for that location and also retrieve height information and sunrise/sunset times! Give it a go with any town or city you can think of throughout the world! (Can you tell I like this tool?)

Location Finder - Find the latitude and longitude for anywhere in the world. If the map is over the United Kingdom, you can also find the Ordnance Survey grid reference at that point.

Time Zone and Local Time Finder - You can use this tool to find out the time zone and local time at the centre of the map. Currently covers all of North America and parts of South America, Africa and Europe.

Height Finder - Navigate to a point using a map and find the height above sea level there. Data currently covers all of the United Kingdom and parts of France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Sunrise/Sunset Times Finder - Find the sunrise and sunset time for any location in the world simply by finding that point on a map.

Distance Finder
Calculate the straight-line distance between two points.

Other Google Maps Collections from JStott.me.uk: Google Maps Landmarks (England, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Wales), London Tube Map (mentioned previously on Google Maps Mania)

Each of these tools has its own page with information about the data and instructions for use. Excellent Google Maps viewing aides that can be used by thousands of you using Google Maps in all corners of the world!

Check out more Google Maps Viewing Tools here..


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