Thursday, October 13, 2005

Google Maps news and blogpost roundup

(update: added Motley Fool article..)

Protesters swamp Google
Oct. 13th/05 - Taipei Times
In response to this story. Background: (1), (2)

Google Maps and innovation
Oct. 12th/05 - ZDNet Blogs

Tech people appear hyped about their industry again
Oct. 11th/05 - USA Today

Mash-ups: Business Models and Trends
Oct. 11th/05 - ZDNet Blogs

SRC teams with AnalyGIS to Deliver Demographic API for Google Maps™
Oct. 11th/05 - SRC News Release

Google Maps' New Direction
Oct. 10th/05 - Motley Fool

Stickiness of Google Maps/Earth Examined
Oct. 6th/05 - All Points Blog
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